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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Grow your own cafeto

What does a "coffee cherry" look like?

Have a look at the pictures and discover the complexity of this cherry.

The outer skin of a coffee cherry is called the "exocarp", beneath the exocarp is the "mesocarp," which is a thin layer of pulp this thin layer of pulp is followed by a slimy layer called the "parenchyma
The beans themselves are covered in a parchment-like envelope called the "endocarp" and more commonly called "the parchment".Inside the parchment, side-by side lie two beans. Each of these beans are covered separately by another layer of thin membrane or seed skin called "spermoderm"
The spermoderm is generally referred to in the coffee trade as the "silver skin."

Select the ripe cheery, carefully twist and pull
That is the perfect pick, when the stalk remains in the branch. That will ensure that a flower will blossom in this spot and therefore a new cherry

The cherry is so ripe that just by presing with two fingers, the beans come our easely.

 This is how the beans look like fron a croos cutting section .
All the main parts of the cherry

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