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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dreamers cafe and roasting center

The Dreamers cafe and roasting center is a Coffee Ideas! project . Opened its doors  2 years ago with the idea to set up with a minimum of investment a roasting center-cafe, so the local people can have a taste of freshly roasted coffees and learn more about it.  It is located in Edayanchavady a few meters from Auroville Visitor's Center.

We store, roast, blend, grind, pack and dispatch Marc's coffee in a 15 square meter garage.  The constrain of space and  limited funds made us utilize all the resources very carefully.  The idea of serving some coffees and refreshments to the public was to meet the need of sharing all our process in an open window, a chance to sit with the customers a talk about our work over a cup of steaming coffee.

Al types of people visit us and drink our coffee blends and take some fresh coffee home.

The culture of coffee is still weak in this rural area.  Only brands of instant coffee are available, which are packed in aluminum sachets difficult to recycle.

But, slowly after drinking our coffee, the locals started to like it and now we have regulars coming everyday.

The menu is very modest in terms of food, the chocolate chips cookies are a regular snack for coffee break. We do serve non-caffeinated drinks like the popular  Chilled Nanari juice ( Sarsaparilla ), served with pure lime juice and tulsi seeds.  

We serve coffee using a filter machine for mild brews and espresso machine for the authentic Italian. Turkish coffee is on demand.

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