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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Coffee Ideas! first coffee in the market.

It will be sold in Auroville from July onwards in 2 sizes ( 250gr and 500gr).

Marc’s Coffee

Has a sweet and intense aroma with a mellow body, well balanced with a subtle hint of spices. It has been roasted in a German roaster following traditional methods in order to bring the best flavors and taste. To preserve the quality for longer duration, place this coffee pouch in to an airtight container. This pack is 100% degradable.
At Coffee Ideas! We have, a passion for coffee and, a passion for people and it is our privilege to offer you this unique coffee experience. Linking consumers and producers is our mission and Marc’s coffee is the first example. Marc Tormo

Single Estate Coffee - 100% Pure Washed Arabica . Shade Grown

At Jaivik Greens we perceive the Estate as a living organism so we practice holistic organic methods in growing our coffee plants under the shade of trees like rosewood, Jack fruit and Silver oak. Pepper, cinnamon, vanilla and citrus trees are intercropped with the coffee plants thus preserving biodiversity. A wide variety of exotic birds co-exist in the farm, like the Hornbill or Paradise Flycatcher. To achieve maximum quality in the cup, our coffee is hand picked, washed and sundried carefully. Tippu (Jaivik G.)

Coffee & Health?

Epidemiological evidence suggests, that coffee consumption in moderation has the potential to reduce the risk of Parkinson,s , gallstones, cirrhosis of the liver and type 2 diabetes. If you drink two cups of coffee you will not only increase your level of alertness, but also helps your short term memory. Coffee helps you to energize yourself to study and concentrate. A strong cup of coffee can help relieve migraine. (Coffee Board of India)

For more details, suggestions or feedback kindly contact at:
Coffee Ideas!. Madhuca – Auroville 605101. T.N, India.
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núria inhala said...

Només dir, que ens morim de ganes de tastar aquest cafè... Molta sort en aquest nou projecte!