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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Jaivik Greens Coffee roasted by Coffee Ideas!

Coffee Ideas! is launching its first Single Estate Coffee under the name of Marc's coffee

Coffee Ideas! is working in collaboration with Jaivik Greens Organic Coffee Farm.

The Plantation is located in Coorg, at 1400 mts ASL. The main crop is arabica Selection 9 inter cropped with Robusta coffee, vanilla, pepper, citrus trees.

The Coffee berries are hand picked when ripe, then pulped, washed and carefully fermented.
Sun dried to remove the moisture up to the desirable levels. Curing and grading is made in Coorg.

The coffee is packed in jute bags by grade and sent to Coffee Ideas! roasting center in Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

Coffee Ideas! roast the coffee with a Probat roaster. Some of the coffee is sold in beans to cafes, restaurants and hotels in 1 kg alluminium pouch with a one way valve. The aroma of the coffee is preserved for 6 months. Other coffee is sold in powder in 250gr and 500 gr in kraft paper bags for the local market

From Left to Right:

Tippu owner of Jaivik Greens
Marc founder of Coffee Ideas!
Ernest founder of Alma de cafe, Spain

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