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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Creation, coffee germinates. Our story begins

In august 2007, we opened our coffee center in Edayanchavady, a small village next to Auroville. We had in place everything to start our coffee brand Marc's Coffee.

...the smell of coffee was all around when the first batches of fine Indian coffees were roasted.

Finally a dream came true!

One day I will roast coffee!! I said to myself after having an strong intuition more than 15 years ago. This idea make me study coffee more in detail, from the seed to the cup but with a holistic approach.

Roasting is a creative moment, I stand next to my Probat and feel the pulse of the drum, the music of the beans rolling, the aromas of baked bread and caramel, the first crack, the second crack and the moment of truth, when I open the door to the cooling plate. Then a silence comes and the creation is made - Marc’s Coffee.

Marc's Coffee Deccan Bold - Organic certified arabica from Andhra  Pradesh (250g)
Marc's Coffee Deccan Bold - Organic certified arabica from Andhra Pradesh

Following the coffee Spirit, the idea behind Deccan Bold was to discover Andhra Pradesh: its tribal people and culture. Coffee cultivation in Andra was recently introduced. Spread in an area of around 36 square kilometres, and located at altitudes ranging between 600 and 900 meters above sea level, Araku valley is ideal for coffee cultivation. Encouraged by the good demand for the coffee, tribals of the valley started organically cultivating coffee without fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides. Deccan Bold is a 100 % arabica washed coffee, selected for its colour, size and density. It has a clean and sharp distinctive taste and aroma, ideal for any time of the day. It is roasted at medium dark to create a fragrant edge. We offer you this quality, natural and sustainable product packed in 100% biodegradable materials. Share our coffee grounds with your plants. They’ll love it! available online at

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