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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ripe cherries ready to be pulped

Julien Peak. UTZ certified.

Tucked in the Shevarois hills of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is as yet a lesser-known coffee region. The farm is UTZ certified and through its sustainable methods, the owner is proud to keep the forest mainly populated by local species. Inspired by the beauty of its landscape, we decided to start roasting and distributing this Single State Arabica “Selection 9” coffee. This is an attempt to bring this gift of Nature to our customers. Julien Peak has a very delicate aroma, mild body and fine acidity. It is roasted at medium to enhance the fragrance and subtle notes of a high-grown coffee. Especially crafted for coffee connoisseurs, it’s best enjoyed after lunch along with some good chocolate! We offer you this quality, natural and sustainable product packed in 100% biodegradable materials. Share our coffee grounds with your plants. They’ll love it!

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